5 Tips To Dance Salsa Like a Pro

Salsa dance originates from the Spanish community but it has fast spread in Europe and the whole world. It is nowadays a common dance across the globe and interestingly it is considered a romantic dance. It is embarrassing to be asked for a dance then turn down the offer because you don’t know how to dance. Here are 5 tips to help you grasp the basic sequence dances that will make you a pro on the dance floor in no time.

How you perform your moves will determine whether or not your dance partner will enjoy dancing with you. It is okay for the males to lead the way. However, this should not be an excuse to control your partner, forcing them to struggle while dancing. Leading your partner will show them exactly what to do. On the other hand, if you try to make them to do a move without leading they will try to catch up. This portrays them as the worst dancers on the floor. This might embarrass your partner and if you want to enjoy the dance, be easy and soft instead of rigid and rough.
Be keen on your partner’s body language. You can easily tell by observing which moves make your partner uncomfortable. If you notice there is a part which is troubling him/her, avoid that move and keep going with the ones that keep the both of you in sync.
Include more musicality in the dance. While dancing it is important to keep a listening to the music and fuse the rhythm with the dance. Even when learning the steps and movements one can easily adjust them according to the tempo of the song playing. Doing this might be quite a trick at first. But applying the few steps you have grasped to different songs will improve anyone’s basic dancing skills to pro level.

Learn how to lead then learn how to follow. Since the dance is romantic, it is not always to be you leading the moves. Especially when you only know a few steps, they become boring when done repetitively. Your partner will also feel more involved and close when dancing if they have the chance to lead and you are following. Just like in a normal relationship, no one wants to be the submissive one always. It is way more romantic when you can lead as well as you can follow.

You can keep learning new steps from videos and professional dancers. Personal practise sessions will work to improve new techniques to perfection. It is a fulfilling experience. Don’t stop following these tips until every salsa lover wants to dance with you.